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Dried root of Salvia miltiorrhiza used in traditional Asian medicine, has a wide range of pharmacological properties

In this review, researchers from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine looked at recent studies on the health benefits of the dried root of red sage (Salvia miltiorrhiza), referred to in traditional Chinese medicine as danshen. Their findings were published in the Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines.

  • For their review, the authors collated recent studies conducted on the traditional uses and preparation of danshen. In particular, they looked at its chemical components and pharmacological activities, as well as any adverse effects it causes.
  • The researchers recorded a total of 201 compounds found in danshen. These included lipophilic diterpenoids and water-soluble phenolic acids, among others.
  • The compounds exhibited multiple pharmacological activities, such as anti-inflammation, antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-atherogenesis, and antidiabetes.

The review highlighted novel information to encourage further research on danshen.

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Journal Reference:

Meim XD, Cao YF, Che YY, Li J, Shang ZP, Zhao WJ, Qiao YJ, Zhang JY. DANSHEN: A PHYTOCHEMICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL OVERVIEW. Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines. 2019;17(1):59–80. DOI: 10.1016/S1875-5364(19)30010-X

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