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MEDICAL THEATER: Coronavirus test kits rushed into production are FAILING to identify 50 – 70 percent of infected carriers


  • A new wave of coronavirus test kits are missing 50 – 70 percent of infections due to very high rates of false positives.
  • Tens of thousands of these kits are being distributed to clinics across China for on-site testing, producing results in about five hours.
  • The test kits were rushed to market in a matter of weeks. Normally, they would require 2 – 3 years for scientific validation.
  • The kits may actually be worsening the pandemic by allowing infected people to escape identification.
  • The lower numbers produced by the test kits will be welcomed by the Chinese government which hopes to report falling numbers of infections, regardless of whether or not the numbers are true.
  • None of this may matter, since the communist Chinese government is fudging all the numbers anyway. The purpose of these kits seems to be creating medical theater, or creating the illusion that “real science” is hard at work to stop the pandemic.

The president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has just blown the whistle on a wave of new, rushed coronavirus test kits that have been thrust into use across Asian, confirming they are only 30 to 50 percent accurate, reports This means the test kits have a 50 – 70 percent false negative rate, missing infections by inaccurately reporting the samples as negative.

Adding to the problems with the new test kits, Li Yan, head of the diagnostic center at the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, also explained that the multi-step process in preparing samples and testing them is prone to human error, causing further mistakes.

“A patient at Beijing’s China-Japan Friendship Hospital tested negative three times but was eventually confirmed to have the coronavirus infection after a fluid sample was taken from inside the lungs,” reports the SCMP. And we’re getting confirmed reports from many other sources that report people who initially tested negative but were later confirmed as positive for the coronavirus.

Clinics across China now shifting to these defective test kits which show lower numbers of infected people

The new test kits, produced by biotechnology companies with names like Sansure Biotech, Shanhai BioGerm and Shanghai Huirui Biotechnology, deliver results in a matter of hours rather than the typical three-day time period required for typical genetic testing at centralized laboratory facilities. This has caused front line health personnel to switch to these tests in order to get faster results.

However, if the tests are producing 50 – 70 percent false negatives, they may actually be contributing to a large number of missed cases, including “symptomless carriers” who go on to function as “super spreaders” who may infected dozens or hundreds of other people.

“The shortage of testing kits and their technical inaccuracies have exacerbated the situation, suggesting there could be far more infections than the official figures indicate,” reports the SCMP.

According to the Hubei Daily, the city of Wuhan currently has enough capacity to conduct 4,000 tests each day. However, given the inaccuracy of the tests, that could theoretically result in hundreds or even thousands of false negatives each day, allowing huge numbers of infected carriers to remain unidentified. This may, in fact, be the goal of the government, which has been seeking new ways to report fewer infections such as declaring symptomless carriers will no longer be reported as “infected.”

The scientific failure of the test kits doesn’t seem to matter to the Chinese communist regime, since they’re rigging all the numbers anyway. Whether the tests are accurate is irrelevant. What matters to the Chinese government is creating the appearance of going through the motions of testing, not getting accurate results. “Medical theater.”

If the reported numbers were accurate, this new supply of test kits would have resulted in a very noticeable spike in the number of confirmed infections. Yet the artificially rigged numbers have continued a mathematical trend that smacks of total manipulation by the government rather than medical reality.

Rushed into production in weeks, instead of the three years normally required to validate accuracy through scientific methods

If you’re wondering why the test kits have such terrible accuracy, it might be because they were rushed into production. One company called “BGI Group” produced the test kits in just two weeks. Another company, according to, developed and marketed its kits in only 20 days. “Such a process usually takes two to three years,” notes the SCMP.

As a lab owner and science director myself, I can confirm that validating the scientific efficacy of such kits would normally be, at minimum, a one-year process. (We spent nearly two years just validating a new method for the quantitation of glyphosate herbicide.) The fact that these test kits have been produced and marketed in a matter of a few weeks speaks volumes about the utter lack of scientific validation of these kits, further explaining why they produce such a high percentage of false positives.

The SCMP story further explains that Hong Kong researchers have developed a test that produces results in just 40 minutes. But if those results miss 50 – 70 percent of infected carriers, then the speed of such tests seems pointless.

Perhaps they should be called “rapid junk science” kits. They produce junk data faster than the competition, and that’s something to be celebrated, according to the scientifically illiterate media. There’s probably an IPO for a trillion-dollar valuation waiting in the wings for any company that can declare it has a two-minute test with one percent accuracy.

After all, when it comes to real numbers related to this coronavirus pandemic, nobody in any position of authority seems to be the least bit concerned about accuracy, as we’ve already seen. They might as well be waving around divining rods and declaring patients to be either “infected” or “clean” based entirely on intuition. The most desirable kits in this scenario, it seems, would be kits that produce 100% negative results, no matter what samples are tested.

But to find science rigged to that degree, you have to dive into the climate change science hucksters, who fudge both data and software algorithms to produce their desired “hockey stick” charts, regardless of what data set is entered.

The first victim of every pandemic is, of course, the truth.

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